a w patterson

This home at 1320 West Okmulgee, was built in 1906 by A. W. Patterson, who was president of the Bank of Muskogee, located at Okmulgee Avenue and Second Streets in 1901. He was also an investment broker who owned much property in this area. Patterson and his son-in-law A. C. Trumbo, were promoters of Muskogee and early Arkansas River navigation. Together, these 2 men provided the financing for Muskogee's Convention Hall, scene of the Trans-Mississippi Congress in 1907. this home was later occupied by L. R. Kershaw, who had substantial interests in land, oil, and cattle. In 1912, he introduced the breed of Aberdeen-Angus cattle into this area.

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Interesting Article from the Muskogee Phoenix dated Feb 14, 1982